Media and public relations training course

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Media and Public Relations Department

By Tayeb al-Baqir.

The first training course for the media cadres in the faculties, deanships, centers and departments of the university is of great importance, given the expected results and the brightness expected to serve the issues of the institution and enlighten the public opinion of its mission and objectives in light of the rapid modern developments witnessed by the media field in all its modes. The university administration has played a prominent role in implementing the management plans and programs in order to cope with the big boom in the field of corporate media and achieving the performance reality. The management plan for the year 1439H -2018 is approved by the senior management.
The course was attended by twenty-eight delegates representing the university’s deanships, colleges, centers and departments. Four working papers were presented, namely: press editing, media skills, media arts and technical aspects in the transmission and transmission of the news and image. The papers are in a period of six hours. One of the most prominent gains of the course. The level of cognitive excellence of the students and their willingness to receive and absorb .. This was explained by the direct application of theoretical packages in the field of news editing and auditing and knowledge of the professional controls of the practice of media work .. In addition to what they contributed to the followings and coverage of the most important events in their sectors The last period .. Also of the great gains made by the completion of the cycle of the work of one team and the construction of an integrated media system is reliable in the service of the University’s goals and programs in all locations .. such as conferences, workshops, seminars, forums and public forums and specialized H..kma session is considered professionally qualified for Mnadeb to cover the electronic university sites and liabilities of its pages and their collections Alasvirih and serve all departments and centers with common goals ..
The training course for the media and public relations staff comes in accordance with the university management’s convictions of the necessity of training and vocational qualification and its contribution in providing the professional competencies of the employees based on the guidelines of the general plan. It is an introduction to professional and professional courses expected to improve the media work in the university. And the Department of Media and Public Relations in the University of the Holy Quran and the establishment of science to formulate a modern vision of institutional media based on the scientific methodology .. Especially that the university is now moving towards horizons Rahiba horizontal expansion In addition to the existence of a specialized college for advocacy and information, which enhances the objectives of the administration to adopt a scientific methodology for administrative and technical work in the media and public relations. We hope that the training course for the media and public relations cadres at the University of the Holy Quran and the consolidation of science will contribute to enhancing the professional role of the staff of the administration, which will help them to perform their mission in the fullest manner. We would like to thank all those who contributed with thought and effort to the success of the first training course. We also thank the Acting Director of the University, the Secretary of Scientific Affairs and the Brother, the Executive Director of the Director’s Office, the Deputy Secretary for Personnel and the Head of the Trade Union of Education Workers in the Wilayat and the host of the event. For the session.
We would also like to thank the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Jazeerah daily Professor Asim Al-Amin and the General Manager of Al-Jazeera Al-Khadra satellite channel who lectured the students. I thank the students of the University, Mr. Assem Mahgoub. Deputy Director of Public Relations and Information, Mr. Ammar Yassin and Mr. Yousef Abdel Moneim from the Department of Computer and Information Technology. And the website has provided the preparation of each value in the sphere of competence ..
We appreciate the response of the deans of the colleges, centers and directors of departments who have prepared the reasons for participation of their employees from all over the state. We thank the delegates for their presence and their participation in enriching the knowledge and the systematic application of the training content. Special thanks to Mr. Abdulbagi Mohamed Abdel Mohsen in communication, coordination, preparation and all staff of the Department of Public Relations and Information.
And God ask him success and payment ….