During the Miotsukushi-hen, their dating are subsequent deepened

During the Miotsukushi-hen, their dating are subsequent deepened

Right here, Rika was shocked by Keiichi’s solution to eliminate this lady friends’ dilemmas, that is much more amazed when he could possibly supply the fresh thoughts of several planets to cease tragedies. Rika learns regarding the Keiichi’s earlier and you will understands that unlike other planets, so it Keiichi chose to resolve their problems after Rika forgave his sins during the Tsumihoroboshi-hen.

Ryugu Rena

Rena and you can Rika is actually best friends because beginning of the collection. Rena often finds Rika cute and you will attempts to “simply take the woman home.” Rika likes Rena’s amicable and innocent personality, it is also conscious of the girl severe demeanor that have be a real believe in Oyashiro-sama’s curse, and her outrages out of their overdue to their parent’s splitting up. In the event the necessary, Rika could attempt to protect the girl regarding relapsing with the symptoms of your own Hinamizawa Syndrome. Such as, from inside the Tsumihoroboshi-hen within the time Rena try increasing suspicious off supposed supernatural beings and you can unexplained supporters adopting the the girl all move, Rika involved the lady and offered her a solution. She made an effort to convince Rena is inserted having an expected cure designed to generate this lady have more confidence, but because of Rena’s poisoned head of crazy uncertainty, she refused and you can in the place of after that seeking to encourage the lady, Rika simply says one she had no a great deal more need for new world due to her, and this she’d guarantee anything be more effective next world.

Regardless of if Rika could have been recognized to act cool into the the girl when you look at the arcs such as Tsumihoroboshi-hen, it’s implied one to she however profoundly cares on her when claiming may be and you may detests having the need to state them, mainly due to that the woman is familiar with new heartbreaking incidents ahead that may once more almost certainly result in each other the deaths. When you look at the Minagoroshi-hen, Rika is actually surprised to see Rena capable of seeing Hanyu actually when she in addition to their family unit members had all just passed away. She led Rika to discover your need it failed to defeat future within one to industry is actually due to the fact Hanyu was not thinking, just in case she would possess joined him or her in the place of viewing on top, they may has actually endured a chance. After for the Matsuribayashi-hen, Rika is actually positive about Rena’s severe temperament judging throughout the almost every other planets she is seen, and https://datingranking.net/pl/fabswingers-recenzja/ you may understands for sure she’d make an effective friend into the conquering Takano Miyo and the Yamainu military.

Furude Hanyu

Rika is the only individual able to see Hanyu for almost all of collection, while the Hanyu doesn’t apparently new reader until Minagoroshi-hen, and does not can be found throughout the real business up until Matsuribayashi-hen. Hanyu is a thing off Rika’s “guardian angel” who has been having Rika because she came into this world. As Rika ‘s the eighth age group from basic-created girl and thus the real reincarnation out of Oyashiro-sama, she is the only person who can typically come across Hanyu from inside the this lady deity setting. Even when she finds Hanyu unpleasant often, Rika cares significantly about this lady. Rika is actually a reliable indication off Hanyu’s individual child, Furude Oka, as previously mentioned inside Kai, as the they are both comparable to look at. This means that, Hanyu’s motherly abdomen usually kicks inside the of course, if Rika tries let. About resolution of one’s manga sort of Matsuribayashi-hen, Rika affectionately calls Hanyu “mother.”

Akasaka Mamoru

Akasaka is an additional people having who Rika has the maximum esteem while the he is one of the few men and women to who she possess indicated their true self in addition to keeps an emotional partnership. She tries to alert your away from his wife’s and their unborn daughter’s death having useless performance rescue for just one occasion from inside the Matsuribayashi-hen in which he welcomes the lady due to the fact his wife’s saving grace. She subsequently tearfully rushes to hug Akasaka, genuinely willing to pick your once more. Akasaka in exchange, dangers existence and you will limb to protect Rika out-of Takano and also the Yamainu Group if they are off to eliminate the girl and her friends. Brand new manga types of Matsuribayashi-hen expands their relationship. Rika might be able to head to Akasaka inside the a period fragment where they have forgotten his wife and you can boy and understands he failed to save Rika. He’s tucked themselves in his really works and also in practicing karate. Rika might possibly get in touch with which Akasaka and also by an unexplained device which will get a “dream” into Akasaka at the time of Matsuribayashi-hen. Far after inside festival, she calls your “dad” facing their girlfriend and kid – their wife a bit playfully strangles him along with her individual ponytail inquiring in the event that Rika try Akasaka’s “like kid” as ashamed Akasaka stammers causes.