The Foolproof Method of Thai Online Dating

The Foolproof Method of Thai Online Dating

I suggest making all first dates in Bangkok as informal as possible. Something like coffee at Starbucks will do fine. Then if I feel like the date is going well, I will suggest doing something else rigth away. It can be anything really, going shopping and having her help pick out stuff for you is great, then you can round it up with dinner or drinks in the evening.

In any country, you have the option of online dating. If you have tried to meet a woman via the internet, you know how frustrating and difficult this can be where you just waste your time and money.

Dating in Thailand can be the same if you do not have an effective approach. You can be like every other person out there and get minimal to no results, or you can read this section and find the bulletproof system to meeting Thai girls online.

Personally, I love the idea of meeting girls online. This gives you an entirely different avenue to meeting someone new without leaving your house. Less is more. Do less and get more is a great philosophy to live you dating life by.

Meaning, even with the greatest profile, the most handsome photo, and an effective first email, you will still only get a response from a small percentage of the women you contact.

When I first started online dating in Thailand, I joined two main websites. One was free (DateInAsia – Didn’t like it); the other was a paid one (ThaiLoveLinks – THE dating site in Thailand, sign up now!).

After a couple of weeks of trial and error, I had a great profile with a few great opening emails.

I would usually do a daytime meet up at Starbucks for the first date. This is a great choice because with online dating, there are quite a few risks have a glance at the website involved (explained below).

A daytime date is best because if you do not like her or if she has an unexpected surprise, you can leave in a respectful manner after 20 minutes.

When you read our proven techniques for online dating, you will find that these questions do not matter until you have already received a response

Anyway, during all this dating I would out of curiosity ask, “how many men do you have contact you a week?” I would get the response of them not knowing, but it was a lot. Two weeks down the road, one of the girls ended up as my next girlfriend. I would ask her the same question, and she said about a thousand men a week. I thought she was joking, a thousand new men contacting a girl in a week. That number was hard to wrap my mind around.

She opened up her laptop and logged into her second email account (created for online dating), low and behold, she was getting over 200 new emails a day. She was having over 1,400 new men contact her every week. One reason I love online dating is the variety of girls you can meet. Online you will find females ranging from bar girls to very successful women. By reading their profile, you can get a good idea how to classify the girl into one of the three categories:

Look at the age group of their preferred mate. If she is 22 years old and looking for a man between the ages of 40 – 60, you will be able to tell which of the three she is. Did she actually take the time to write her profile and add real photos of her? You might have a number two on your hands.

By falling in love with her photo and profile before a response is a good way to set up yourself for disappointment